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Saks presents: Oscar De La Renta Fashion Show in Tahoe

August 4, 2009

What a FABULOUS and FUN day in Lake Tahoe it was on Aug 1!

The view of Lake Tahoe from the Fritz Estate

The view of Lake Tahoe from the Fritz Estate

The annual Oscar de la Renta Fashion Show presented by Saks Fifth Avenue for the 40th Anniversary to benefit the League to Save Lake Tahoe.

The Fashion show was divine showcasing the 2010 resort collection.

The weather was perfect (not too hot)- the setting ideal at the Fritz Family Estate- the outfits were drop dead gorgeous with such attention to detail (all the girls including myself DIE every year when we see the latest collections).

The hectic day started at 3:00 am. I had to wake up and get ready (of course i was all organized and packed and ready to go the night before) and drive out to San Francisco where my mom dropped me off in front of SAKS and Union Square to load the bus. We headed out by 5am and experienced a super bumpy ride. Sleeping on that bus was a task so i just gave up and listened to my ipod.

the Runway

We arived to the gorgeous Fritz estate at about 8:30 am where we quickly began on hair and make up. Of course not all 18 girls could get their makeup and hair done at the same time so myself and a few other girls decided to venture out and scope out the place. The setup was the same as last year – the runway, the tables, backstage, everything -but of course it looked absolutely extravagant.

Beautiful Table Arrangement with Oscar napkins

Beautiful Table Arrangement with Oscar napkins

More time passed and i finally got my hair and makeup done. After waiting 4 hours, we were able to go backstage and begin dressing into our first looks. I must say I LOVED my first look. It was amazing with all the intricate detailing… its crazy! As usual, it became super hectic backstage. All us girls always have to take pictures of the gorgeous outfits we get to wear. We had mini photo shoots until the show started, which was at about 12:30.

First Look

First Look

The show began and it was a success! So many beautiful pieces we show cased this season. The only thing that could have made this experience better was if i could have gotten a picture with Oscar like last year. Oh well… hopefully next year 🙂

second look on runway

second look on runway

As soon as we finished the show… it was back on the bus for us 😦 wish we could have stayed and enjoyed the day there, but at least we got to go home in a bigger and better bus with another crazy driver lol.

What a divine summer afternoon in Tahoe it was!

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